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Reduce Your Water Bill
Has your water bill gone through the roof lately? You have come to the right place to take control of your costs. I spent 36 years with the City of Philadelphia and I know how the system works. Let our team use our knowledge and experience to save you money. – Paul Lonie, President

Free Water Billing Analysis
The new method of tracking water usage has many variables. Variables are now in your control, not the Water Department. Aqua Economics will perform the following service for you free of charge:
  » Depict correctness of property as per PWD records
  » Determine and report possible savings
  » Meet with your staff to determine to proceed with next steps
Let our professionals review your stormwater bill to see how much you could be saving. Contact us today to schedule your free analysis at or 267-885-9875.

Want More Info on Stormwater Billing?
The Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD) website has information on managing stormwater, understanding your bill and an explanation on how charges are calculated: CLICK HERE

You may also find PWD’s Frequently Asked Questions for Stormwater Management Service (SWMS) Charge interesting: CLICK HERE